Exercise 1: Butt up, feet in the air

This exercise is perfect for those who have lower back issues. Start by sitting on the back edge of the FeetUp. Now bring your upper body down carefully while supporting yourself with your hands on the floor. The shoulders are now on the floor, arms outstretched and the chin touches the chest. Now get your FeetUp and just relax.


Exercise 2: Open the chest with the bridge

Similar to Exercise 1, your shoulders are on the floor with your chin pointing to your chest and your shoulder blades squeezed. Instead of picking up your feet, they stand to your left and right next to your FeetUp. Now grab your ankles with your hands to bring your feet even closer to your upper body. In this way you open your ribcage even more.


Exercise 3: Torso Twist

Sit on the padded end of your FeetUp, feet are firmly on the ground. Now turn your upper body slowly to the right and bring your left hand to your right knee, the right hand is behind you. This way, you open your shoulder and chest muscles and keep your spine mobile.


Exercise 4: Opening the ribcage, slackening your shoulders

Kneel down on the floor in front of your FeetUp, far enough to put your elbows on the padding by leaning forward. Let your head hang slightly in the opening and bring your hands together over your head. This exercise works wonders for stiff shoulders.


Exercise 5: Hang your Head

Bring your head into the opening of your FeetUp. Instead of going to the headstand, kneel down on the floor with your knees and lay your hands on your back. Stay in this position for five breaths.


Exercise 6: Keeping everything loose with the "hands-free Down Dog"

As with Exercise Five, put your head into the FeetUp opening and let it hang loosely. The arms hang loosely down the side. Instead of kneeling, you stand up, almost as if you were in a downward facing dog. This exercise activates your circulation and helps you to reduce stress.


Exercise 7: Stretching the Back, Opening the Chest

For this exercise, place your upper back on the FeetUp Trainer, butt and tailbone hang in the air, feet firmly on the floor. Now bring your arms back over your head and grab the legs of your FeetUp with your hands. This will open your ripcage and stretch your back.


Exercise 8: Hands in the head

Sit on your FeetUp Trainer, legs wide open to the left and right. Now bend your upper body, hands behind your head so you can push your upper body even further down. The arms remain parallel to each other.


Exercise 9: Close Your Eyes and Relax

Sit on your FeetUp Trainer, one foot on the floor, the other resting on the adjoining thigh. Let your hands rest loosely on your knees, sit upright and breathe deeply in and out. Stay in this position for about five breaths.


Exercise 10: The Final Relaxation

Sit down on your FeetUp Trainer, feet are firmly on the ground, placed to the right and left of the FeetUp and hands are placed in Prayer Pose in front of your forehead. Take a few deep breaths and open your eyes. Now you should be fresh and relaxed for the day ahead!


// Photos: Simon Toplak Photography

Dezember 19, 2019 — Kathrin Sorg

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