Dr. Patrick Broome, Yoga Teacher of the German National Football Team

"The FeetUp® Trainer makes ascending into the headstand easy and accessible for anyone at any time. Thus the headstand can be practiced safely, without  any major prior yoga knowledge. Continuously practicing the headstand strengthens the body, soothes the mind and expands one's horizon."


Lucie Beyer - AcroYoga Lehrerin

Lucie Beyer - AcroYoga and Handstand teacher

"The world is on its head - and it's fun! Now everybody can easily put their hearts over their heads, even at home."


Jeppe Skovgaard - Yoga & Parkour teacher

„When I saw the FeetUp® Trainer for the first time on the internet, my first thought was: "I can already do a headstand." But after I finally got to try it for myself, I changed my mind. It’s completely different and it feels so good in my body. Everybody should have one!“


Christine May - Prana Flow® Vinyasa Yoga

"The FeetUp® Trainer is genius! I´ve always been a great fan of turning the world upside down. Not only being really healthy and refreshing, practising with the FeetUp® Trainer often helps me to develop new perspectives. So let´s go! I practice with the FeetUp® Trainer on a daily basis. Often I have to wait, because my boyfriend is using it. The FeetUp® Trainer is pretty popular at our home."

Dr. Ronald Steiner, Ashtanga Yoga Teacher & Sports Physician

"The body calmly rests on the shoulders. Pressure is completely taken off the neck. The FeetUp® Trainer is a unique yoga tool."


Sanjeev Bhanot, Geneva

"I have been teaching yoga for 20 years and I constantly notice that every student really wants to do headstand. But they fail to do all the preparations which leads to injuries. I feel the FeetUp® Trainer is the safest way to do headstand - minus all the risks. Now every one can enjoy the advantage of the king of all asanas."

David Lurey, Palma de Mallorca

"The FeetUp® Trainer is an excellent tool to gain maximum benefit from inversions while keeping the neck free."

Barbara Decker - Yoga Teacher, Freelance Writer & Author

"The FeetUp® Trainer is a home appliance extraordinaire. I like to turn my heart over my head after running, while I'm doing yoga myself or just inbetween – for far longer than just the usual 15 breaths. The results are lasting and effective."


Anastasis Koutsogiannis, Crete

"The FeetUp® Trainer is so good - after two weeks in the studio i now have it at home & enjoy the benefits of it every day."


Barbara Liera Schauer - Yoga Teacher, Author & Illustrator of "Der kleine Yogi" ("Little Yogi")

"The FeetUp® Trainer is a real enrichment, not just for the yoga world. It is a marvellous tool to enjoy the many positive effects of the headstand without  risking injury. My excitement already spread to my family and friends, who are diligently standing on their heads with this nice stool. Even my 72-year old father has been doing the headstand regularly since two years with the FeetUp® Trainer. The improved blood circulation helps keep an ailment at bay, which had been constantly recurring before :-)."


Alaric Newcombe - Iyengar Senior Intermediate III, London

"I really love it. I use it most days - it is great for sirsasana variations, setubandha, forward bends and more. I think it is a must have yoga assistant."


Tom Beyer - Back and Joints Yoga, Berlin

"The FeetUp® Trainer enables me to help my students into inverted postures quickly and in a very relaxed manner. Entire chains of muscles are activated, the balance is trained. With the FeetUp® Trainer you'll experience "standing on your head" as safe and pleasant. Students enhance the feeling for their own bodies."


Jörg Buneru - Advanced Jivamukti Yoga Teacher, Cologne

" I've been using the FeetUp® Trainer  for my own yoga practice for more than a year now, particularly at home. Die extraordinary benefits of long periods spent in an inverted posture can be the climax of practicing yoga. With the FeetUp® Trainer, I can easily rest upside down for at least ten minutes with pleasure and without stress. The cervical and neck areas are streched and turn as soft as butter. This therapeutic aspect proves advantageous in my private lessons as well. My students have already found their way into the headstand with the FeetUp® Trainer. Besides these serious purposes, the FeetUp® Trainer also refreshed my childish play instincts: 'Who can do it the longest without hands?' I never want to do without the FeetUp® Trainer again, same goes for my family. It's even an eyecatcher if we're having a party. A divine invention."


Sabine-Shambhavi Strutzke - Certified Holistic Yoga Teacher (BYV), Ayurveda Therapist and Marma Masseur (BYVG)

"Once students have dared to try it for the first time, they're always delighted and proud of their courage. A lot of them are surprised and say: 'Oh, that was easy.' Yes it is. And it just creates a good mood."

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